my latest report…

I took the first of my new meds to eliminate water… what an experience…   🙂   no weight increase this morning… hopefully the pounds will start shedding and I can get a weight reading that has gone down tomorrow morning.  I have never made so many trips to the bathroom in one day in my whole life….   🙂

This is the major issue right now… get rid of the water weight…

My Physical Therapist Nurse from Home Health will also be ecstatic when I tell her that I have made 4,698 trips from one end of the house to the other end  (from my Lazy-Boy in the office to the bathroom under the front steps!!!)  She has been working very hard at keeping me moving…  🙂

She also wants a 4″ high platform made to put my Lazy-Boy on… to make it easier for me to get in and out of the Lazy-Boy…. my friend Kenny who does all my work here these days, is getting together with me to take care of the platforms… one for here and one for the Lake.

P/T Nurse has also gotten me a new walker for  big people  that will not only help keep me moving…  but moving  safely  …..  as well as a  new cane  to use,  that really works well…  and  so… things continue on… check out my new equipment…  🙂


Not too shabby!


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