I did say this… again…. just yesterday…. when I seek Him… when I seek what He wants… and turn that corner to  only wanting  what the Lord wants… then…  “it means  philip gets what philip needs…”   religion teaches the opposite… it teaches philip gets what  philip wants… philip gets what philip  thinks he needs…  it is that “Garden issue”  where philip is now  “as God”  and philip  decides  what is right and wrong…. what is good and what is evil… what philip needs and doesn’t need.

I know this next thing sounds a little weird, since those thoughts came out of my sitting here and   “musing”  about the major thing the doctor is trying to accomplish for my health right now… the elimination of the water in my system to manage my congestive heart failure.  (good report by the way – weight gain stopped – then lost 4 lbs the past 2 days – looking forward to my trip to the scale in the morning)  The new meds are working.

My brain then bounced along from  eliminating my water… to what I have expressed several times over the years as the  “most powerful demonstration of the Holy Spirit I have ever seen”…  that demonstration of His power is when I see Him eliminating philip of philip… the  elimination of me  in me….

And that is what philip needs… what philip needs… more than anything else… philip needs the  elimination of himself… unless the grain of wheat goes into the ground and dies… it will never bring forth life… saving my life is how I lose it…

I think I still have a few things left to say about this…  maybe tomorrow…


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