just one day at a time…

I am pretty sure at this point in my journey… that the Lord is simply bringing my living one day at a time  …. deeper and deeper and deeper into my heart…  and…  it is a very good thing… because  all the changes  would simply blow me away…  one day things are going this way… next day they swing that way… maybe tomorrow it will turn totally upside down. and backwards…    🙂

And that is the whole point… it doesn’t really matter… none of it… Philip simply needs to roll with whatever  He  is doing  right now...not what He did  yesterday… not what He might do  tomorrow.…   He is   I AM   … He is NOW…  He is  this moment...  I wouldn’t want Him any other way… and I really really just want what He wants.

I was happy to see the 2 lbs that went back on, come right back off when I got on the scale this morning….   🙂   My friend Kenny built us 2 platforms to put the Lazy-Boys on, as suggested by the P/T Nurse… and they seem to be accomplishing just what they were supposed to accomplish… very easy for me to sit down and get myself up from the chairs now.

The P/T Nurse also put compression stockings on my legs… encouraged me to walk more and checked my vitals…  all of which seemed to still be  vital…   🙂

My appetite seems to slowly be increasing… on the other hand my tummy doesn’t seem to be too happy about that…so… we wait further for that one to sugar down.  Hmmmm…  maybe tomorrow?

Then… of course… there is the rest of tomorrow… which way do you think things will go ….  we have a meeting with our realtor to plan the next  step… our last guests check in and then leave on Monday 8/14 after breakfast… and… the regular Home Health nurse comes to check me out yet one more time… hmmmm…

just one day at a time.


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