be careful what you ask for….

Did I really say this yesterday?    “…one day things are going this way… next day they swing that way… maybe tomorrow it will turn totally upside down… and backwards…”  Actually… I have been living  upside down and backwards  for quite some time now… and last night was not an exception.   🙂

Although I rest on and off during the night,  Philip does not sleep during the night… Philip sleeps during the day… even though he manages some alert time to do breakfast for guests… have some lunch later… dinner with ellen… have visits from the Home Health nurses and things like that… my  deep sleeps  for an hour or two all happen during the day.

Tried to shut down tonight at 11:00pm but it didn’t work so here I am “musing”  away as the clock strikes midnight…   🙂

The day went pretty well with all that was on the agenda… blessed to report that my appetite continues to get better and tummy was reacting much better to it all day.

We had a very productive meeting with our realtor and it looks like we are ready to move in whatever direction is next… should be getting some better indication of what that will look like and the timing over the next several weeks.

It was wonderful to welcome our guests who will be with us the next 4 days… great folks… great relationship over the past 7 years.

Home Health Nurse is always a positive experience… blood was drawn… expect to hear the test results tomorrow…. great bunch of ladies… tomorrow it will be a visit from the P/T Nurse… can’t hardly wait to hear the next  “challenge”…  🙂

My world is small but wonderful… hmmmm…  I feel a  musing  coming on…


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