changes in every direction…

as I have had a few minutes today to just kind of sit back and reflect on all that has been happening this past year…. the changes have been almost startling… up at the top of the list have been the ongoing, regular changes in Philip… what an amazing, humbling time this all has been for me… just personally.

I am seeing so many people from every area of our lives… reaching out to us… caring about us… visiting us… calling us… helping us… loving on us.  Family, friends, people from the past, people from the old church days, people from our thousands of guests over these 18 years who are stopping to say hi, interacting on Facebook, encouraging us, old friends since our move to Vermont 32 years ago, new friends we’ve met in just the past couple years… seems like every possible direction.

It continues to change me… and even the nature of my blog….  as  has become so much more than just   “…… a place to “say” my words… you know…what philip is thinking about… ‘cuz he thinks about a lot of things!”     🙂

It seems more like a daily journaling…. health reports… updates on our move… and what is going on in our lives… all because so many folks are interested, concerned and caring about what is happening.  We appreciate that… and thank you for it.

I do want to keep these short and easy to read… so… I will work on a health update tomorrow…    🙂

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