nearly retired…

My friend Bodie wrote me this morning and asked…  “How does it feel to be nearly retired?”   I had to stop and think about that. Even with all that has happened  this past year, I don’t believe I’ve ever really thought about retiring… I would just find out the next thing the Lord had for me…  and keep on keeping on…

Except there is no  next thing   really ….  I mean… at this point… I can’t actually do anything physical at all… I’m still sleeping all the time… tired…. even though the breathing seems to be improving and the appetite coming back…. I mean…. there is almost nothing I have been able to help Ellen with, as she moves us out of Morrisville… so … I responded to Bodie that   retirement feels  weird!....   🙂

Putting me back on 2 water pills has stopped the weight increase and brought me back down to 203… hoping the morning will show another drop in weight, when I once again get on the scale.  We shall see.

Was able to go upstairs around 3am and sleep in our bed… first time in ages… even slept in till 8am.  Going to try it again tonight and go up as soon as I post this.  That would be another major thing… especially since I slept most of the day here. I guess I will find out soon.  It is what it is…  🙂


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