progress… I think… :)

I guess it is time to ask the Lord for some  healing and restoring… where Philip can begin to get some energy and actually accomplish some physical things during the day… I have been able to do some bookkeeping, make some phone calls, cancel some services here in Morrisville and the like… as we prepare for our move to Shadow Lake next Monday 8/21…

My physical report is  pretty up  again today… I was able to stay upstairs again all night… get some sleep (even though once again sleeping on and off all day)…  🙂   woke up feeling rested this morning… put my feet up twice (bed time and rise time) and finally seeing a little reduction in the swelling in my legs.

This was also reflected in a 2 lb drop when I stepped on the scale… yesssss… was down to 201… and hoping my 2 water pills a day will show more weight loss each day.  Plan to head upstairs even earlier tonight and see what happens with that tonight.

Although the Lord seems to continue to make my world a bit smaller with each day… my relationship with Him seems to be going in just the opposite direction…  getting larger and larger…  🙂

That’s pretty neat…

More choices, decisions and things to do on the ‘morrow!  Till then… thank you all for your ongoing love and concern.


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