the best laid plans…

Things did not go exactly the way I planned it last night.  I did go up early… put my feet up almost an hour… and then… just couldn’t fall asleep.  A little after 4:00am, I gave up and just put my feet up again… (for almost an hour)… then got up and showered… but…. I had this thought in my head to stay out of my Lazy-Boy and not take any naps… hmmmm… was such a thing possible?  Especially with no sleep all night long?  hmmmm…

Amazing day…  Ellen was busy getting ready to go to Burlington for the start of her cataract removals… so we were yakking and planning until she left… then…. I was expecting some visitors… so it was easy not to give in to  crashing …  Our neighbors on the corner are also selling their house… everything is ready to show now, so they are taking off for a couple months in France… they were going to stop and say good-bye.  Michelle comes in looking for Sherrie, who has disappeared… thought she may have come over here to say good-bye.  She didn’t.

She leaves… and Dody our realtor comes in the door with papers to sign and several things to discuss about what to do if this, that or the other happens.  Great chat.  She goes. Then Michelle and Sherrie return together this time and we go thru our tearful goodbyes….  we have become great friends over the past several years.

Then my buddy John Turner arrives to hang out… haven’t been together for a while as he was taking care of his mom (cancer)… and then the Lord came to pick her up last week and he has been overwhelmed by family at the house and zillions of things to pull together.  We had such a great time together.

Then I have phone calls to make… the lawyer, the propane guys, a couple banks, cancelled the trash folks… etc… etc…  Although I needed to take little 10 min breaks, I managed to just stay busy…  I also wanted to write update letters to family and friends, explaining how I really can’t do update letters any more and inviting them to visit the one place where I try to write every day… right here… on my blog…

Besides all this excitement, I can also report dropping another pound… weighed in at 200 this morning… and took a break tonight just as the Red Sox broke loose with an 8 run inning.

So… I will be going upstairs in an hour or so and hoping that I will actually sleep thru the whole night… since I had no crash time all day long.   Yesssss….

See you in the morning…


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