back to the drawing board…

Seems like every time I think I finally  “get it” … what I  got  doesn’t work… again… and it is time to go  back to the drawing board…   🙂

I am going to try  what Joanne says  this time…  she is my Home Health P/T Nurse that challenges me on a very regular basis to do things beyond what I think I am capable of… finding in that process that I can actually accomplish the challenge! Only one more visit though  before we move  to Shadow Lake… there is a different Home Health group up there… these incredible ladies down here are going to be a tough act to follow.

The  Joanne Challenge  today was to  stay out of  my Lazy-Boy  … onliest time I can sit in it is at  “bed-time”… when I want to go to sleep at night… no more  “naps”…  no more  crashing  during the day… she called my poor Lazy-Boy my  worst enemy  in my attempt to sleep at night and stay awake during the day.   Let the games begin!

I continue to enjoy my talks with my Father about all the  stuff  that continues to either happen or not happen… as we wait on Him to put all the  stuff together  and reveal His plan in that process… some strange weight stuff going on … no one looking at the house… everything very quiet… and here we are just about ready to move out of 107 Union Street…    🙂

Maybe that’s what makes this journey so much fun… never knowing  what He is going to do…  until He does it….!!!!


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