it is His love….


What I wrote about earlier today… I have seen this over and over again, during these past 50 years….  “The important thing here, for us, is not whether or not they buy the house… the important thing here is His demonstration of His love for us, once again, by sending in this assurance that He has everything under control and reminding us just how easily and quickly He can change the circumstances…”

Sometimes He does move swiftly in a positive way… for instance… back in 1986… when  God wrote Ichabod  over my  Perfect Church System  (meaning the glory of God had departed… nothing remained).. we were suddenly without income, with a very expensive home, large mortgage and very large monthly expenses… (eg: electric bill was $2000 mo. during the winter)

We immediately listed with a realtor, the sign went up and we wondered if we would be able to sell before foreclosure… the next day…  a man shows up at the door… he was on his way to see another property… made a wrong turn…  saw our for-sale sign… looked at the house and drove right up our driveway… then rang the bell.  We closed in 30 days.

I do enjoy winning more than losing…   🙂     even if they are both imposters….   🙂

There is a flip side to this coin though… I’ve had many of those  other  experiences… works the same way…. results are different…  on the ‘morrow…



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