of all the things He does….

Out of all the things He does in our lives… the most regular, ongoing one is some sort of variation of:  “I have everything under control, Philip.  Relax… enjoy… it’s all cool… when it’s time… it will happen.”  Then He sends along the circumstance that demonstrates exactly what He was talking about…. like He did yesterday.

The lack of activity on the house has been right at the top of our list.  We talk about it with Father all the time.  Experientially, I know that I know that I know, that He is not only in control of the situation but when it is His time… it will happen.  He has been our Realtor for 50 years!

Yesterday…. a car does a very slow drive-by…. then stops… and turns up our driveway.  Ellen goes out on the porch and greets them, thinking they are looking for a room for the night at the B&B…. not exactly…   🙂

Looked like a father and son… the older gentlemen seems to be from the area and starts telling Ellen what an incredible house she has… and the gardens are so beautiful… the younger gentlemen is talking about how he is interested in buying the house. Ellen tells him to call our realtor… the number is on the sign in front of the house.

The important thing here, for us, is not whether or not they buy the house… the important thing here is His demonstration of His love for us, once again, by sending in this assurance that He has everything under control and reminding us just how easily and quickly He can change the circumstances…

More about this kind of thing later.


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