the flip side…

I mentioned the  flip side  of this  circumstances coin  yesterday… I am not talking about  “God is on my side so I win all the time and He does everything I want Him to do for me”…  What I  am  talking about is:   “His demonstration of His love for us” …  by allowing circumstances into our lives to show that He has everything under His control … then telling me….  “I  could  do this thing…  but I am  not  going to do it…  I have  another plan  for your life, Philip”….  

It is still a  demonstration  of His love for me and all part of Philip’s growth… learning to  trust Him  regardless of the circumstances,… and the constant building of a deeper and deeper relationship with each other.

I have had many more failures than successes in my 82 years… always learned great things out of my failures… only got more arrogant from my successes… It is just how it is…  I have learned to embrace it… and walk in it…  🙂

Had another wild day today…. lots of repeat kind of stuff as the ball keeps bouncing up and down….   Hoping to have more to report tomorrow.


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