quick note… :)

Just a quick little note tonight… I had decided to take this final day here in Morrisville  off...  even though I have started a little experiment in  when  to take my  meds …  an experiment that resulted in losing 4 lbs over night last night… yessssss!!!  Back down to 200 lbs again.

Phase II of the  “experiment”  is coming up shortly… I’ll let you know how it all sugars down tomorrow.

Leaving here right after breakfast in the morning… looking forward to seeing my baby brother at the Lake tomorrow… he is coming to his place on Shadow Lake to celebrate his 70th with family and friends… going to be a great week… !!!

Nice way to begin this next step along the  path…   🙂    Everything else is beyond quiet… hoping to hear a little noise  sooner  rather than later…


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2 Responses to quick note… :)

  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    I have to say I’m just a little bit sad that the neighborhood ‘DerVatch’ as we have known and loved it is now a thing of the past. They say all good things must end but no matter where I am I’ll always carry our loving memories of the crazy times we have shared during the ‘DerVatch’ era. Today is a beautiful sunny day in Nice, France and I hope it is a beautiful day up at Shadow Lake for you and Ellen as you depart your home of 22 years and all the memories you’ll undoubtedly take with you. And now let’s raise a glass of good wine to our futures and to wishes for both of our homes in Morrisville to sell 🙂 Much love to you, Phil. You really are my BFF!

    • tooooo sweeeeeet!!!!

      Crazy move thingy going on here…plus my brother in from london…… should have time to email a response to you this afternoon…



      Philip Wolff philipthewolff@gmail.com 802-525-1144

      philips-musings.com philips-consulting.com

      mail to: PO Box 203 Barton, VT 05822

      physical address: 76 South Glover Street Glover, VT 05839


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