the eagle has landed… :)

We were unpacking up here at Shadow Lake by 9:00am this morning… the next step has been taken… the especially  good news  is that my plan to take my meds at night… just before shutting down for the evening…. seems to be working.  I tried to  isolate  which ones were making me drowsy… but looks like they all had a part in it… so… I now take everything at night… they knock me out… while my water pill gets me up almost hourly to get rid of the water… then I immediately go back to sleep for another hour… and my weight held over night… still at 200 lbs.

Sleeping at night instead of during the day…. has resulted in Philip being awake most of the day today and even being able to help with the packing and unpacking this morning… hooking up electronics and phones… making my own lunch… a pretty good feeling after needing ellen to  wait on me  hand and foot all the time. Tomorrow I get a visit from Home Health up here in Orleans County… and get set up with them here at Shadow Lake….

Bad news  was that…. in spite of my increased efforts to put up my legs… both legs are still way too swollen with water…  so that is the  next focus… more time with my legs up.  That was a surprise this morning after all the water weight loss.

The  ugly news  was to discover an open wound on my left leg, so we got on that right away and it is all wrapped up…  waiting now for Home health to take a look tomorrow… That is how the leg gets  infected  and Philip ends up back in the hospital again with  cellulitis…  no thank you…   🙂

Hoping to touch base with my brother tomorrow….  and… ellen has a long drive to Burlington for a post-op visit on her now  cataract free  eye….

Keep on keepin’ on….   🙂


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