philip… I never asked you…

“Philip… I never asked you to do anything for me… all I ever wanted was a relationship with you.”    that is one on one… just me and Him…and it is just you and Him as well… one by one…  He is adding sons…  many sons  in One Son…  and He does it… not me.
I can run around like crazy trying to  do things  for God… I can throw  “handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind” and  nothing happens... because all He wants is me… not my  working… going…. doing… laboring…  
When I simply let  Him be who He is and live His life in me… all He has to do is take one handful… and He accomplishes what He wants… as I remain simply who I am… where He has placed me.
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I am now in my tiny little world in Shadow Lake… being who I am… right there… in our little cottage…weighed in at 199 the last 2 days in a row… major progress on sleeping at night… and getting some energy back.  Looking forward to what He puts on my plate tomorrow.    🙂
Oh… yes… and He is making it clearer and clearer… that the things and people He sends to me are  one at a time...  everything is  one on one with others  ... just like it is with me and Him.

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4 Responses to philip… I never asked you…

  1. Uncle Bill says:

    One of the things that a smaller world affords is fewer distractions. Rarely have great changes in a persons relationship with Jesus come at a time of ease or great (worldly) success.

  2. Uncle Bill says:

    P.S You quoted yourself today

  3. If I don’t “press” into Him…. He helps me out… and I get some “pressing” in my circumstances…. 🙂

  4. I quote myself all the time, Uncle Bill…. 🙂

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