interaction… one on one…

I absolutely love it when someone  “responds”  to something I write up here on Philips’s Musings… someone will  interact  with a comment (like Uncle Bill did on my posting yesterday)…    “P.S You quoted yourself today”…

That, of course, was to tease me a little bit…at the same time opening the door to a little one on one interaction… which helps us continue to build our relationship together… so… I respond….   “I quote myself all the time, Uncle Bill…. 🙂”   

Philip happens to be someone I  quote  quite regularly…  since… I also believe these are things that the Lord has  “spoken”  to me…  I also like to believe I am quoting Him….   🙂

Bill also made another comment… not teasing with me on this one… just sharing his own personal experience along the line of what I had shared….

“One of the things that a smaller world affords is fewer distractions. Rarely have great changes in a persons relationship with Jesus come at a time of ease or great (worldly) success.

Onliest way I have learned is as I  press  on into Him… if I stop  pressing  into Him… I seem to soon be getting  pressed  by everything around me… reminding me to continue to press  on into Him… I say something… Bill says something… I say something…

It’s called interaction… it only works  one on one….


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