I received an email response to the same “Musing” that Uncle Bill responded to… the one I interacted with yesterday… this response was from my friend Bodie… I personalized what he was expressing…. so this is Philip’s story  now…

“for philip, the hardest part of walking with the Lord is  waiting…..most of us don’t do it… don’t “wait”….I am finally learning to do it… there was a time when I didn’t even believe we were supposed to  “wait”…… but there is…  whether philip believes it or not….. I never give Him time to work…not that I didn’t trust Him or His ability to do it… but I thought the  doing of things  was a responsibility He had given to me to do… so I would rush ahead to make things happen…. for HIm….  “

Hoping I have finally  entered into His rest  where Philip has ceased from all his works…. has stepped back… and is now just waiting on Him… and He will accomplish whatever it is that  He wants  to accomplish.

The timing was pretty good… sitting up here at Shadow Lake and enjoying what He has just accomplished out there on the Lake….   IMG_2349.JPG

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