time for a health update….

Looking back to just a weekend ago… when I got this  “thought”  that my sleep issues might just be coming from  my meds… so I started taking my meds  at night… instead of in the morning…  then …. reading up on my meds and discovering that  drowsiness   could come from taking  any of the medications… I stopped  isolating  my meds trying to discover the culprit… and just  took them all  at night.

Amazing results… I now sleep all night and am awake during the day… almost like a normal person… except I can still take a nap or two during the day… but that does not affect my sleeping at night.   Yessssss!!!!!    🙂

I am getting plenty of sleep now and hoping to see this proper rest begin to repair my body…. energy… breathing.. etc.  The sleeping at night also stopped the weight yo/yo-ing… I had gone back up from 200 to 204 when I made the decision to try this meds at night thing. I went down to 200… then to 199… then to 197 where I have held now for the last 4 days.  Looking at the water still in my legs and my waist… I think eventually I will lose another 10 lbs before I bottom out.   We shall see.

I’ve made the  transition  to Home Health here in Orleans County… where I have a great guy who is coming in twice a week to check my vitals, draw blood and all those good things…  🙂     I am also pleased to report that my meeting with the Physical Therapist went well…  and I was denied services because I  do not need  therapy!  She just left me with the goal of  walking 15 minutes  every day…  I have already pushed that to twice a day… although I am very slow… and still a lot of the huffy/puffy’s…

Each day that goes by, I am so thankful for all that the Lord is doing in my health and in our new home.  Really enjoying my retirement up here in Shadow Lake.  Now hoping for some news about selling the house…  but… I wrote recently about how I am actually learning to….  wait...  much better… just…  waiting on the Lord …  to see what His plan is….  hmmmmm… never know what little  “thought”  may run thru my head next….  🙂

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2 Responses to time for a health update….

  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    Great news on the health update! You know that makes this nurse/BFF VERY HAPPY!!!!

  2. thought it might do just that BFF… 🙂 Trust you are enjoying life cross the pond!

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