Philip is not what one would call a  “keeper of days”…. I love  celebrations… but could care less whether the celebration is on the  actual day  that is being celebrated… like my birthday for example…  I was born on August 29, 1935… many people are sending me birthday greetings  today 8/28 .... many will send them tomorrow… and others the next day or the following week… perhaps some will even come in  a week from  next Tuesday…

Like I have often said here in my  musings …  about a lot of different things… things we feel are so important… they really do not matter… especially birthdays…  whether or not a greeting comes on the actual day or not…. how  important can that be… or whether it is celebrated on  some other day  that just works better?

The important thing is that  people care... I care… you care… it’s that relational thing again. Some people even gave this old fella  (who needs no gifts)…  some gifts… relational gifts…  like a framed picture of 3 of my grandkids… my favorite of them….

Photo on 8-28-17 at 8.44 PM.jpgand then there was a scarf from my brother Marc… perfect… and a shawl that was knitted for me by one of our B&B guests… both obviously concerned about how Philip is cold all the time… well… not any more…..  🙂

Photo on 8-28-17 at 7.20 PM.jpg

Happy birthday everyone !!!!     🙂

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