settling in…

Things are quieting down… boxes moved here, there and elsewhere… Marc  and Stacey helped with putting things into the garage and moving things out of the garage.  They will load their car tomorrow with stuff we have here that needs to go to Wenham and then spend the night with Jen, Dano et al…. before heading to the airport.

They also helped me to set up my  “new office”  here at the Lake Cottage…


We put in the smaller Tv and took the big one down to put with the load to Wenham.  Did quite a bit of furniture rearranging as well…. Philip is really enjoying how things are moving along… may even take some  “inside pictures”  when the dust settles tomorrow.

Think I will retire a little early tonight… had some energy today… was able to do quite a bit of this work… even did my 5 lb, 8 lbs and 10 lb dumbell workout today.

That could mean kicking back a bit tomorrow… 🙂

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