sleeping season…

not sure what  sleeping  is doing to help me… but it seems to be my  new season…. 🙂  I am getting very, very good at it… and spending a whole lot-a-bunch of time just  sleeping.

hopefully… it is restoring my body to some measure of  physical health… perhaps even to some level of  fitness  … maybe even without all my huffy’s and puffy’s… every time I move or do something.  That would be really nice…


It starts about 10pm…. at first… it began with hour long sleeps till the diuretic would get me up for a bathroom trip… it has grown from there to sleeping more like an hour and a half to two and a half hours before the urgency builds enough to wake me for the next bathroom journey.  I get up about 7am… make the coffee… fix a little breakfast… some morning computer things…. it gets to maybe 9am, I feel a little tired, settle back into my Lazy-Boy and I’m gone for an hour or two…. then the same thing all over again thru lunch… and I am ready for another afternoon nap…  unbelievable … sometimes I think that’s all I do …  just sleep and eat. 🙂

Wonder how long  this season  is going to last…   hmmmmm


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