Alan Alda….

I mentioned a neat little story about Alan Alda yesterday that I might get a chance to tell you today…. and here I am…  ready to tell the story…   🙂    I saw Alan being interviewed on a talk show… had to do with a book he had just written… and the book had to do with communication in the  scientific community…  not exactly my strongest area…   🙂

Actually, I met Alan when I went to Fordham University for the second half of my freshman year in college… (where I majored in  “extra curricular activities” )   🙂  one of those  activities  was the school play.  I tried out… got a bit part… and you only get one guess  who had the lead role!   Alan was a very good actor even back in 1953.  Always enjoyed his work.

I stopped to watch the talk show because I  recognized  it was Alan… and he looked so great… also knowing we were the same age  (both freshmen in College)… and Philip does not look so great…  🙂   …. very glad I did stop to listen….

The book was not about science… it was about people… people from the scientific community … talking to one another… interacting…. communicating…. building relationships… one on one… sharing experiences… taking the time to be with one another…telling their stories to each other…. all of the things  that Philip has been writing about for quite a while now…. it blew me away.

Couldn’t wait to  Skype  my friend Bodie and tell him what I had just witnessed.  Everything that he and I have been talking about… as what we feel God is doing on the earth… right now… with His people … in His Kingdom… is happening out there in the Kingdoms of this world… both happening right at the same time.

Then Bodie put the icing on the cake for me…. reminding me that that same thing had happened during that great movement of His Spirit back in the early 1970’s…. men being trained… being discipled… learning from others… learning to be disciplined… bringing my life under authority… learning to serve….  It was happening back then in both Kingdoms…  just like this is happening today.

May just be more to say about this….  🙂

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