an amazing experience….

I wrote this here on my blog on July 23rd… just copied it and pasted it below… my amazing experience  has to do with what I said back then… so… I would ask you to bear with me… give it a read… then position yourself with the soldiers on top of the hill… waiting for the VietCong attack that would come shortly to over run your position… and complete the massacre….  I have been watching this scene several times each week since we moved to Shadow Lake…. and many many times since 2006

What I saw yesterday…. I had  never  noticed before…  I came unglued.

“It was way back in January of 2006 that I   finally saw it… all my Christian prayer life  up till then  had been based on the understanding that we have this enemy attacking us all the time and we need to  defend ourselves.  We needed to  put on  the whole armor of God,  take up  our weapons and  defend ourselves  from all these attacks of the evil one.
I was watching the movie  We Were Soldiers  … it was about the first U.S. military involvement in Vietnam… a small force had been helicoptered into a trap and they had been  defending  themselves for days… they knew that they would be attacked one more time in the morning, their position overrun and they would all die.  I have written about this before and will see if I can find that “Musing” in the archives and re-post it soon.  Meanwhile… in the morning,  instead of defending  their position, the Colonel goes on the  offensive and attacks  the enemy, overruns their positions and the Americans win the day.
It totally  changed  the way I pray… the Lord put His  seal  on it with some amazing circumstances… and I have never looked back.  Offensive prayer  is woven throughout the 6 rote prayers here on my blog.
I will write more these next days… meanwhile, I would encourage you to blow your trumpet… raise your weapons … go on the offensive  and begin attacking the enemy…”

Yesterday….  I am watching the scene again… the VietCong are all getting in position and ready to attack… the U.S. soldiers are in position to defend themselves… instead the Colonel gives the command  “fix bayonets”… then leads his men down the hill… to attack and annihilate the enemy forces….

Just before the attack… we see this on the screen… I had never seen it before.

         5:57 A.M.    THE THIRD DAY

I was undone… I am undone again right now…

can’t write any more… see you tomorrow

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