the Garryowen…

I think I have watched every movie ever made about Custer…. and every movie plays the  7th Cavalry’s March …  the Garyowen… aka the Garryowen.  We had purchased a tape at the Little Big Horn which took us thru the battlefield, explaining each stop… at the end they finish the tape, playing the Garyowen… Philip lowered all 4 windows… cranked the volume to the max… and we drove out of the Park….

I know… I’m a little weird… but I got even weirder…

I asked Ellen, if she would mind  if we went around the battlefield a second time… somehow… the Lord gave her the grace to say… OK… midst some rolling of the eyes… and facial expressions I did not want to ask about… 🙂

The music even seemed louder the second time we drove out from the battle field…

yesss….  I am weird…  but my wife loves me…. as does the Lord….  🙂

“Here is the famous “Garryowen” that was originally an Irish tune, but when it reached America it was used as the 7th cavalry’s march. Many can relate this “Garryowen” to the American defeat at the battle of the Little Big horn in 1876.”

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