Not sure where this journey thru the Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam and the Little Big Horn in Montana is going to take me…just another of the Lord’s   “not knowing whither”  experiences for me… but… I do know I am enjoying every minute of it… and… He is showing me things… so many things… that I have never touched before…

Each day, it is clear what the next step is… what to reflect on… what to talk about… keeping it short and specific as possible… then enjoying all that He has just shown me.   Tonight.. He said   “choices”… and it was very clear what those choices were that He was referring to.

In 1953 I left college and went to work for the local newspaper.  In order to avoid the draft and not end up in Korea… Philip joined the New Jersey National Guard… my CO really liked me and in 1955 (20 years old) he offered me a National Guard appointment to West Point…. choices to be made here… on top of the other choices already made.  Today… as I am looking at  We Were Soldiers,  I can easily see myself by 1965 (finished with school and doing my required military service) being one of Hal Moore’s young Lieutenant’s in the Ia Drang Valley.

Moore was a very devout Catholic… and… very nicely portrayed in the movie…  Philip was more  desperate than devout  in his Catholicism back in 1955… he could not imagine going to school for 4 years and not being able to marry while there… Philip could also not imagine  going to Hell  by having pre-marital sex… so a choice was made.

Philip turned down his CO’s offer… and decided to get married instead.  That choice probably kept me from being killed in that Valley of Death… on the other hand… that choice did, in fact,  kill a whole bunch of other things  in my life…

Choices do end up forming our lives…. how do we handle our reflections on those choices… later on in our lives…. hmmmmm….



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