oh, my….

Could simply not get away from it… back again and again… Ia Drang Valley… then Little Big Horn…. Custer… then Moore.. back and forth….  “Lord… what am I missing here… what is it you want me to see?”   Slowly I begin to understand… humble brave leader Hal Moore… concerned about his men… and arrogant brave leader George Custer looking for his next accolade… what a difference in leadership.  I start to think about what kind of leader I had been over those earlier years…   hmmmm….

In a speech to his men prior to leaving their base, Moore promises his men that he will be first to step onto the battlefield… and the last to leave… he will lead them into battle… and this is exactly what he does… it is beautifully depicted in the movie.

Does the same thing in the final battle… he gives the command  fix bayonets… then gets up, goes over the top first and charges the enemy… now followed closely by his men.  “I see that Lord… I understand… but what has this got to do with Philip?”

He said:  “I want you to be the first one on every battlefield and the last one to leave… I want you to lead every charge…”

“What?  What battlefield?  What charge?  What are you talking about Lord?”

It turned into quite a night.. I was never so humbled by any discussion with Him like I was last night…. last night was totally different from any previous experience…  I was totally mush last night.. tried to explain it to Ellen this morning but broke down in tears again.

I’ll give it a try again tonight or maybe tomorrow… we shall see…


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