A little background for why this hit me so hard…  back in 2006 when I went on the offense in prayer... I  thought  (operating word here is  “thought”) I  was coming from a place of  complete weakness… I was not  physically  charging at the enemy…swinging a sword… nor was I organizing meetings, running around in Christian Circles  (pun intended)  in some attempt to get the entire church to see  my great revelation  and go on the  offensive  in prayer.

I saw  offensive  prayer as the  declaring of truths  to principalities and powers and I wrote out a whole bunch of prayers filled with those truths… there are 6 pages of them here on my web-site, where I break it down during the day, in order to  continually attack  the enemy… all day long.  I read these prayers almost every day from my  “position of weakness”... some of the “declarations”  even say the  weakness words  in one way or another…   look at these….   everything depends on Him…

For me to live…. is Christ!  You are the one who does all things in me… the one who strengthens me…. thank you that your strength is made perfect… in my weakness.

 bring me into your rest where I stop all my work and watch… as you do the work that you want done

because our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers and their rules

My weakness is your strength…any strength I have is simply your strength…  I will pray at all times in the Spirit… because I don’t know how to pray what needs to be prayed… but you do… Lord,

Father, bless us … diminish us… increase yourself…in us

I present myself as a living sacrifice… my act of worship to you…

Obviously there was more to this than everything I had already seen… all I had thought I understood… and all I had experienced up to this moment.



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