she’s baaaack!!!!!

There simply is nothing else for Philip to muse about tonight… ellen arrived here safely mid-afternoon  (2:17pm actually… not that I was clock watching or anything)…  🙂     it’s been sooooo great ever since… she has returned totally exhausted, of course… but has been able to get things pretty much together down there in Wenham… and we are ready for our next move… around the middle of October…. when we shut down here at the Lake and take off to enjoy the family and our new apartment.

She did have enough energy left for a picture….  welcome home Ellen…!!!

Photo on 9-17-17 at 8.47 PM.jpg

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2 Responses to she’s baaaack!!!!!

  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    Yay for Ellen’s safe return! Yay for Philip’s happy smiling face because she’s baaaaaaaaaaaaak!!!! We are having a fab time in Paris but always remain missing my BFF!!!

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