Thinking about these 3 things the Lord just said… not sure there is a progressive order even… just hoping that He has finally brought me to this place of total weakness... sure seems like He has… I felt truly  “helpless”  for the past 5 days without Ellen here.. it’s like she waits on me hand and foot… His provision for me…

” I am not waiting for you to become strong, Philip…  I am waiting for you to become weak… to see that your weakness is what I am looking for… not your strength… for my strength is released in your weakness…  I can do nothing when you are operating in your own strength.”

“You  ARE  my Caleb… you  HAVE BEEN  my Caleb for years and years… because you have wholly followed the Lord your God and trusted only in Me to bring my will to pass…”

“I want you to be the  FIRST ONE  on every battlefield and the  LAST ONE to leave… I want you to  LEAD  every charge…”   

I am continuing to ask Him about this new direction for my life…

I saw the battlefield this morning…  I led the charge… I was the first one on the field… I have not yet left the field… I am watching to see what He does with each battle… also seeing the part that I need to play in each battle… it has been more than just interesting…

I have not yet left the battlefield… hmmmmm…


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4 Responses to hmmmmm…

  1. Phil, I am encouraged as I see you continually seeking the Lord’s face and will in this new phase of your life. I like how as you grapple with the decline in your physical power you are seeing our Lord giving you more of Him….

    • It’s too bad that it took me so long to see this… I could have done this “way back in the beginning”, Kenny…but…. I was taught…. and then taught others that I had to do all thee great exploits for God… 🙂

  2. Uncle Bill says:

    What i want to know is where are the mines in the new battlefield. They are bound to be there. I pray you find them before you step on them.

  3. no particularly different mine fields Uncle Bill… same old… same old… the enemy never comes up with anything different…. 🙂

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