I see it…

I can never see what I need to see until I see what I need to see in order to see what it is I need to see…  sorry…  that even made some sense to me….  🙂    🙂   🙂

Then…  when I finally see what I need to see…  I then need to learn to walk in what I see before I try to communicate to someone else what I see if they happen to have some interest to see what I needed to see.

Ya see?    🙂

Don’t worry about a thing… my old friend Indiana Jones is flying out to help me with my issues.   Should be here shortly…

Thanks for coming Indiana!


Photo on 9-19-17 at 9.03 PM.jpg

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2 Responses to I see it…

  1. Uncle Bill says:

    Philip, If God told you rest, Would you do it AND rejoice in it?

  2. DEAR UNCLE BILL: There is a rest for the people of God… I enter into that every day… the same way I lead the charge onto the battlefield every day… and…. at the same time… ceasing from my works… letting Him do all the work…. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun that is… 🙂

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