bite sized chunks…

After our busy day yesterday…. Ellen, the energizer bunny, was out uncovering her 2 rows of Lilacs she planted a year or so ago… from cuttings from Morrisville… the weeds had been growing right up along with them, but she was able to pull the weeds and find the Lilacs right there along her  “stake lines”…. and now has given them room to breathe….  Just wait till next year!!!!!


Meanwhile…. Philip….. responded to his day out and about… just the opposite… as usual…  I have been totally out of it all day… and getting very little accomplished.  Can’t believe 3 days have gone by since I wrote this… no time…. energy… whatever….

“I have decided to take it in bits and pieces and then put it out in bite sized chunks… reminding those who are following along, that these are just Philip’s stories about what he is experiencing… this will not be a formula of some kind for others to follow… or a doctrine of some sort to believe in… or agree with… anything I ever share, I ask you to take what you are hearing and ask the Lord about it…  OK?

Some things will be things I have have said many times before… the Lord has just taken me another level deeper in my own experience of it.  I hope to begin on the ‘morrow!”

Had quite a long conversation about it with the Lord today …. finally know why I haven’t been able to get to writing about this revelation…   🙂

Plan to tackle the explanation tomorrow… but… you never know…  🙂



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