here’s what happened…

No matter how many times I go around on this… Philip still wants to share every detail of his latest wonderful experience with the Lord… so others can experience them as well.

Yet… once again…  the Lord has made it very clear that He is more than able to reveal Himself to others…. and… He does not really need Philip to do that for Him.. Philip is only to do what He gives Philip to do… so simple… just tell my stories… continue to be me where He has placed me…  and deal with the things He puts on my plate each day.

I am not to explain everything He shows me, so the whole world can learn, understand and know… by turning it into a step by step program… a wonderful  system  for people to follow.  Instead… I need to just keep pointing people to Jesus… to pursue their own  relationship  with Him… to have their own  experiences  in Him.

I love to write.  It’s part of who Philip is.  I started writing seriously in 2007 and kept at it until 2011 when the Lord told me to stop…  there were some things I needed to learn.  I was thrilled to get His ok to start writing again in March of 2016…. keeping things shorter and more succinct. Gradually He has been changing this into a more normal blog, with news about our lives and what the Lord is doing in our lives… it is very clear now that I still will never write a  book  …. or make any more attempts to make clear to the rest of the world, the things He has been showing me.   🙂    The things Philip sees will be woven into my stories of what is happening in our lives.

I am looking forward to seeing how that plays out in the months ahead…  just us kids….    🙂

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