a looney day….

Ellen sent me a picture of one of the loons dropping in for a quick visit on Shadow Lake… pretty neat actually… didn’t realize at the time what kind of a looney day it would become…. 🙂IMG_2466.JPG

Everything started off pretty normal… my regular good night’s sleep, put the coffee on, weighed in again at 193, took my shower, looked at my computer activity with some coffee, then fixed my bayonet and led the charge onto the battlefield for the day…. fixed my breakfast, ate, chatted with Ellen…. then put my feet up and crashed for a couple hours… had some lunch… then took off for Morrisville to see the doctor…. my usual difficult schedule…  🙂

I am in wonder how my poor wife puts up with me !!!  I finally  “heard”…   (I hope)…  what she and Dr. Kiely have been trying to tell me for months and months…  Although my hearing is bad,  I do have this great  “hearing amplifier”  so I am sure it has much more to do with Philip being   “hard of listening” ….  than with his being hard of hearing.

Bottom line is that my  Congestive Heart Failure  is not something that will get better…. as philip thought…. rather… it is something to carefully manage… like being on a teeter-totter and trying to balance it with weight management, water loss, activity, inactivity, etc etc…  to get as many years in as I can….  🙂

I had really missed it… and hoping I now understand what some of this is supposed to look like in the weeks that lie ahead… also will be a time of major  “adjustments”  for philip…. on every level…


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