not a creature was stirring….

all was quiet on the Western Front today…. no great battles… no great victories… no great defeats…. no revelations… nothing stirring anywhere…. except ellen, of course, putting all the outside furniture away in storage for the Winter… preparing for the big move to Wenham next Thursday.

Felt like all I did was sleep, eat, and rest all day…. hmmmm…  felt more alien than human actually….  hmmmm…    🙂


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3 Responses to not a creature was stirring….

  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    Oh, BFF, you are such a nut! A very lovable one! Thinking of you as always!

  2. When do you head back? We enjoyed watching the realtor playing “musical cars” and “different lights” over there… but can no longer enjoy…. and… can’t believe, we will be in Wenham in less than a week… I need the change in venue…

    • Sherrie Peterson says:

      We are still in Paris, go to Vienna and Prague in 3 weeks,Brussels in 5 weeks and then fly home November 13th. No showings of the house so we will now plan to have Thanksgiving and Christmas there but then not sure of our plans. I think Wenham will be good for you and of course we will have to stop by to see you and Ellen whenever we go to Boston this winter for a concert or such. Gotta see my BFF!!!! Keep on keepin’ on as you can, my dear friend 🙂 I am always so very thankful for the times we shared….our talks, our wine and cheese, our outrageous shenanigans, DerVatch and of course, the ever popular Ole Ole Ole!!!! You will be in my heart forever……

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