So…   Lord… what is going on…?   where are we going with all this… ?  we leave here for  Wenham  in a couple days… the house still just sits there in Morrisville…  no interest…  no activity…  Philip just sits here in  Shadow Lake…  no activity… no healing… no restoration…  you’ve even taught me how to market the  Morrisville house  as a rental on VRBO and our old website…   but only enough activity to show me how to do the marketing… only one reservation… and now we are rolling right on into the 14 days of foliage season…!

What’s your plan Lord?   I don’t get it…. Then I turned on the news… made my issues very, very small….it was pretty easy to see there were some  real issues  going on out there in the world… even much worse than the usual ones.  All kinds of responses to the horror in Vegas…

A very different kind of response from Country music star Lee Brice…. The 38-year-old said:   “I have faith that God has a plan and that he will prevail,” he told us. “That this kind of a terrorism, which I believe that it is. What kind of terrorism it is, I don’t care. It’s just a fact that somebody is trying to make a point to scare people,…”

He is talking about Satan… the total terrorist… referencing what I have called our  “being born into a world at war”…  Satan vrs God…. it is at every level… the horror of Vegas or Philip’s little world here…. doesn’t matter… Satan wants us to live in fear… there is no one that is going to bail you out of this one, Philip!

Then my friend Bodie posted this song….  I listened…. I cried… I agreed with Lee Brice :  “I have faith that God has a plan”….  I would encourage you to   listen to the video… wherever you are with your own issues today….  🙂



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