doctor day…

ellen took me to meet my new doctor today… great guy…  great visit… all the details would  bore  you… but… he put me on an anti-biotic for an  infection  that’s just starting on my right leg…. got lots of good info during our time with him….and, best of all, it has helped to take a major load off ellen about her concerns… especially the two huge  “bubbles”  on my right leg.

We see him again in a week… he has also sent us to a  wound clinic  at the hospital in Salem next week to deal with all the open sores on both my legs…. and they have taken four vials of blood in order to perform every test one can imagine… waiting to hear on the results.

Everything else seems ok… still mostly sleeping, eating and putting my legs up…. but walking a little more.  You’ll have to let me know how I look….   🙂  This is the old fella relaxing in his Lazy-Boy at 11pm… ready to go put my feet up and do what I do best….  sleep!    🙂

Photo on 10-17-17 at 11.06 PM.jpg

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1 Response to doctor day…

  1. Uncle Bill says:

    Philip I have every confidence that you have a few more years left in you. For now, please rest and do as you are told. sending you a pic of what m world looks like to day

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