continuing our walk…

as we continue to stroll around the house, I just feel more and more thankful for everything the Lord has done to put us in this place… boggles my mind…. this is the right side of the  “Market Stand”  which has now become our  home.


this doorway goes into our bedroom… the 2-car garage extends from the door to the driveway…. across the driveway… you can see the big barn… dano’s truck and the Jukanovich family’s home…


Moving right along… we get a full orbed view of the centerpiece of the driveway area… the basketball hoop…. very meaningful in the Wolff family tradition… always had a hoop in our driveway at every house we lived in……  🙂


Also note the old fella’s form as he  swishes  one….the same form that he has  passed down  to son Jonathan (Jon was the point guard at U-32 high school when they won the State Championship)… also… please note that I am wearing the American University basketball shorts that Jon gave me…  AU was where Jon played his college hoops…

you might also want to know that as I watch Nathaniel practice… dribbling two balls at the same time and sinking shot after shot (he is in 3rd grade)  … that… I must ever so humbly report… the passing along of my basketball genes to Nate as well….


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4 Responses to continuing our walk…

  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    Well, I just love this post! You are looking good there with all your basketball form and all that sporty kinda stuff 🙂 We’re still in Paris, just got back from Vienna and Prague. A few more weeks to go and then I’ll be back at the Der Vatch post for now…..and I see a road trip to see you and Ellen in your new digs!!!! Love from your one and only BFF 🙂

  2. you always say the nicest things BFF…. 🙂

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