another Wenham day….

after the wild experience of the night at the Gordon fundraiser… I thought maybe we would have a little time to finally catch our breath a little….  not…. doesn’t seem to be any such thing  on any day  around here… ellen is always busy helping to  take  kids places and  pick them up… today was Lian’s  archery day … Anna had a morning soccer game… Nate had an afternoon soccer game… she even dragged  her husband along  to the soccer games….  then…. besides all that… ellen was preparing dinner for both sides of the driveway…. what turned out to be an amazing Lasagna Alfredo….  yummmmm!

I asked her if she was willing to get in the photo tonight so folks would realize that she has survived yet another Wenham day… Think she looks pretty good myself… what do you think?     🙂

Photo on 10-21-17 at 7.23 PM.jpg

Things will only get busier, as Dano is on his way tonight for one of his business trips to Rwanda for a little over a week… Lord…. we ask you to just keep your hand on him all the while.


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2 Responses to another Wenham day….

  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    Ellen looks fabulous as ever!!!! And of course, my BFF is looking like his dashing albeit crazy self!! We sure miss you two and are sending our love from Paris to Wenham tonight!

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