“they” continued…

I mentioned earlier, that more would be coming on the “Surgeon” and the “Encourager”  …. The biggest thing here for Philip…. is all the  differing opinions  that folks have about almost everything…  Even my friend   John Turner  keeps reminding me about the time I explained to him how I finally came to the realization… that after all these years of thinking I knew absolutely everything about everything that needed to be known… or was of any importance to be known… (I discovered that I knew only 2 things  (the first being that I know that  God Is..  the other being that I know that  I am not Him…)  all that other stuff I thought I knew… that wasn’t from God’s Kingdom… rather… it was from a whole other realm…  but…  I do have a couple of opinions!!!!  🙂

Somehow, I thought the scientific community… especially the medical profession… would be much more in sync with each other… only to discover that their opinions bounce all over the place too…  like  “leave the dressing on all night to keep the wound moist”  vrs.  “take the dressing off at night and let the air get at the wound to dry it out”…  🙂

I can’t tell you how many others opposite opinions, I have been getting these past few years… but… our… “they” Surgeon … went far beyond that…. and… I am to leave what the  Wrapper  accomplished on my leg…. until I return for my next appointment (next Tuesday) and he will remove it at that time.

Another big one is that the  Surgeon  is the only person in the medical profession that has ever said to me “never use Vaseline on your legs”… every one else loves Vaseline on my skin…  even the other  “theys”  who preceded him into the room…  🙂

Ellen had been warned by many others to make a dry run to Salem because so much is happening in there right now… her new neighbor friend even took her for a drive … showing her a short-cut to the hospital… and… “whatever you do… never drive into Salem on Halloween”...

our next appointment is Tuesday, October 31st…  Tuesdays are the only days he works at the Salem Hospital…   🙂

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