Have you ever known anyone who could explain who  “they”  are… you know…  “they”….  the  “they”  that everybody is always quoting …  “they say that….”  “they will always telly you…”   As I work thru my 83rd year on the planet, I continue to ask everybody who drops the  “they word”  in a conversation…  “who is this ‘they’  you are talking about? ”  No one has been able to answer that question… well… yesterday… when Ellen took me to the wound clinic.. I finally actually met  “they”

Last week I wrote about my visit to see the new doctor:     “…..especially the two huge  “bubbles”  on my right leg….  … he has also sent us to a  wound clinic  at the hospital in Salem next week to deal with all the open sores on both my legs…”

The whole visit to the wound clinic got off on an unusual note… we pulled up into a handicapped parking place near the door… went into long hallways full of offices… since the office we wanted was on the 5th floor, I asked ellen to just go ahead and find the elevator… not an easy task… finally got to it… it was at the 6th floor… we pushed the button…door opens… we get in… push the button for 5… nothing seems to be happening… push the 5 button again… the door opens… everything “out there” looks too familiar… we discover we are already on the 5th floor… have been since entering the building.   🙂

We find the reception area… meet the lady who tells us…  “they” will come to pick you up”… “they” did… “they” also undressed my wounds… asked questions… washed my wounds and told us  “they”  would be in to see me shortly…  “they” did (last time ‘they’ were 2 persons – this time ‘they’ were 1 person)  and “they” cleaned up the cleaning that had been done by the other “they”… put some gloppy stuff on the wounds… measured the wounds… measured the legs… asked lots of question (always starting with my name and date of birth)… which tells them the patient is ‘alert + zero’… many entries made in the computer… leaving with the announcement that  “they”  would be in shortly…. “they” did come (2 persons this time)… one being the surgeon, the other I wasn’t sure, so I will call her the “encourager”…  (“they” will be another story – tomorrow)…. 🙂

But we were not finished… there was yet another “they” who would be with me shortly… she shall be known from that moment forward as  “the wrapper”….


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4 Responses to “they”….

  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    *They* are looking good from here 🙂

  2. 🙂

    of course… I am clueless “which they”… 🙂

  3. I am glad you have a He who keeps you from being driven mad by all the Theys !

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