the week that was..and yet to be…

Seems like we just keep going from doctor to doctor – nurse to nurse… and then yet another doctor/nurse and today… an advocate. was added to the mix.  All of these brings us to yet another upcoming week of visits… the cardio person on Monday… Wound clinic on Tuesday… Ellen has dentist on Wednesday… then I have the podiatrist on Thursday… egads….

I am asking the Lord for tons of grace for Ellen not to be overwhelmed by all the constant scheduling… as she works this into an already busy schedule… trying to fit it into helping next door with the kids and jennifer’s busy schedule… fortunately Dano gets back on Sunday which will help a lot for this next upcoming week.

I am so thankful that the Lord has brought me to the reality that all Philip needs to do is just be Philip every day…. where He has placed me… here in Wenham,  MA.  and then deal with whatever He puts on my plate… one day at a time… inch by inch… plateful by plateful…

Looking forward to tomorrow… and showing you some more of the property here… it’s a beautiful place…


of course … Ellen will be gone for a while… she has her own first doctor’s appointment… tomorrow….    🙂

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