a wild one…

Got up around 6:00 this morning…. didn’t take very long to discover that we had no internet… no telephone… no wi-fi…. no TV…. all the result of the taste we got of heavy winds (50 mph) and rains… can’t imagine the horror of being in one of the recent hurricanes…. we did not lose power but there was a huge mess in the center of Wenham with a string of poles down wiping out power down there as well as all the Comcast cable… trees down everywhere.

It made for a totally different kind of day yet one more time… especially since most of my activity is oriented at the computer and nothing was restored until 6:00pm.  Besides that, I felt really crummy all day anyway and mostly crashed until time to get ready for my visit to the cardiologist.  What a great experience that was though… following all that good stuff with my new regular doctor, then meeting my new “case manager/advocate” … and my next trip to the wounds clinic tomorrow… then on to the podiatrist on Thursday… my first visit from the home health therapist and who knows what next.

I got some very positive input… could see some results maybe just a month down the road… best to not simply  build up  hope, since Philip is not a  positive thinker  … only a  positive truster …   🙂

I will speak more of things as they actually happen rather than talk now about things that could-maybe-might-happen…

This is a picture looking at what is around the corner on the other side of the barn… it is now a  before  picture…  I will try to get an  after-storm  picture on the ‘morrow…  🙂


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