date night…

I did manage to get pampered a bit with the toenail trimming and feet inspection from the podiatrist… can get it done every 2 months on medicare…  not too shabby…. been spending a lot of government dollars here setting up with all the different doctors… next Wednesday I get measured up for some special type of support hose for my legs… no end of benefits here… 🙂   Whatever you do… don’t stop working!!!

Ellen and I also had an actual  “date night”  … went to  “the Theatre”  together at Gordon College… their theatre department has been presenting a play called  “Blood and Gifts”  about Afghanistan… which presents every conceivable question one might have about our involvement there.

“In another sense it is not about Afghanistan.  It is about us, whether we agree with our country’s foreign policy or not, it exposes how the political rests firmly in the personal – how one person’s decision becomes a department policy, a company’s protocol and a nation’s cause.  It is a revelation, it is a punch to the gut, a whack on the side of the head, a wake up call.”

It certainly was all that and more for me… bringing me back to my 15 years of involvement in the Theatre World...  It would take many cups of morning coffee together, one on one, to even begin to talk about this experience.

But I was there with this beautiful lady… just us two… together….  🙂

Photo on 11-2-17 at 10.55 PM.jpg

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2 Responses to date night…

  1. Uncle Bill says:

    Date night with your Bride!!! WooHoo!!! This is a great thing. From your musing, It appears you are learning much more in the medical field then you thought possible. Hard nthough it may be, please follow instructions. Blessings, Uncle Bill

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