so… I’m taking the time to think, Mr. Rodan…

All that thinking…  scary… amazing where my brain takes me…. part of why I always end up going where Paul suggests… (and what I closed with last time…)   🙂

“Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of real value… if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise… think on these things…. let your mind dwell on these things…”

“I believe with all my heart … that this is a description of you Jesus…. I make the choice … once again today… to let my mind dwell… think… on YOU!”

Photo on 11-3-17 at 5.36 PM.jpg

Thinking about all the  “other stuff”  just gets me spinning… not that I can ignore the other things… I don’t believe that we are supposed to ignore what the Lord puts on our plates… it is on my plate so I can deal with it… the other night it was the play we had just seen and it was spilling out off my plate in every direction.

The play covered the 10 year time period of their war with Russia in Afghanistan (1979-1989) and the U.S. involvement with Pakistan and England… it was  a time in my life where I barely knew what was going on over there beyond the headlines…  I was very busy  “serving God by building a Perfect Church for Him”…  the play was pulling and tearing at emotions I never knew I had… it was all 40 years ago… and… that whole area is  “still in an uproar”  …  here is Philip, finally experiencing how that all came about. Then… I spun off on Shahzad…

A few years ago I was “Facebook friended” by an  Evangelist from Pakistan... Shahzad Bhatti… it was back on June 17, 2014 … we messaged back and forth regularly until November 2015… when he had to take his family into hiding to escape the radical Islamists who were coming to kill them.  We from the West have no idea what is happening in places like  Pakistan.  All his stories are coming back.  My heart is breaking.  The horror… the horror… the horror….

My last attempt to contact him:

“haven’t heard anything from you in a couple months… what’s happening?”


He never responded…

then… (this is a true story)… we came back from the play on Thursday night… the play about  Pakistan’s  involvement in Afghanistan and my brain going nutso thinking about Shahzad….  I checked my computer and found a Facebook friend request… it was from an Evangelist in Pakistan….

we had a nice chat Friday morning… he did not know Shahzad… but lives in the same town. Seems  Pakistan  hasn’t stopped…. rather… the story could just be beginning… again….   hmmmmmm….



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