doctors, nurses…more doctors…more nurses…

Today’s doctor was the  wound doctor  plus  4 nurses... right leg healing well this time but still got another complete leg wrap… left leg had one wound that was healing nicely plus a new wound that had just opened… so that leg also has a complete wrap.  Tomorrow… I get measured for the fancy  compression socks  for each leg and also another special  wrap with a  pump  to squeeze the leg and then pump the water up my legs at night.  We have  “prescriptions”  for these items.

My new  “primary physician”   has set me up with the Massachusetts version of  home health  so I now have a  nurse  coming twice a week and a physical therapist  nurse  also coming twice a week.  Soon I will have yet another  nurse  coming every week or any time they want a blood sample to take an INR reading of my blood to adjust my  warfarin  intake to thin the blood.

My  Cardiologist doctor  had me fitted with this halter thingy yesterday that had wires stuck on all over my chest… like a 24 hour EKG…  Ellen returned it to them this afternoon. We should be getting a report on that maybe tomorrow.

Meanwhile… I still just sleep and sleep and sleep… in between all the doctor and nurse visits…. but… no one has been able to say why I am still tired all the time.

That’s the latest from Wenham….  🙂

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