to “revive” chivalry….

To  “revive”  something… chivalry… anything… means to   “restore it to life or consciousness.”   In order for that to be possible…  the reviving  needs to begin with  me…  Don Philipe Quixote must first be  revived  in order to be part of the process to   revive chivalry… or to help others be  revived…  my problem though… is called  my human condition…. my natural man...  I have eaten of the Tree of Knowledge so I could  “be as God”... the One who determines  what is good and what is evil.

That  “be as god”  thingy, really appealed to the old fella… even though Philip’s   spirit died   from that choice, he was not aware of it until he was  personally  revived   (brought to life) back on June 24th 1968…. Philip’s first revival.  It took years and years before I discovered that that experience was only the beginning of a process… not the  end.

That little seed of a new life in the spirit, had to be put in the ground so it could die…. inch by inch, in order bring forth the new life that had been birthed in me and growing……. the very life of Christ…. which then keeps growing and growing… as Philip’s  natural man  dies in me…  Jesus lives in me.

But… these true things… these truths… these doctrines… are only true to me when I experience  them… they are only true to others when they  experience  them… not when they  intellectually agree  with them… but when they  experience  them….

Which is why I tell stories… stories of my experiences… to help others to seek out their own  experiences...  Tomorrow I will tell some  stories  about my  experiences  over the years about the  chivalry  I would love to see   revived  …..   🙂Photo on 11-13-17 at 6.07 PM.jpg

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