Chivalry  is not something people talk about any more these days… think about medieval knights, Lady Guinevere, Sir Whoever… brave protector of womanhood, respecter of women… courteous behavior… kneeling before a lady, taking her hand and then a gentle kiss…. hmmmm… when have we seen things like this…? ….  many feel not since the 13th century…

I grew up being taught to respect women, protect them, be kind, courteous, open doors, help them with their coats, be the breadwinner and provider… those were the kind of things that remained in the 40’s and ’50’s from the old  chivalry   of the 13th Century.. nothing wrong with those things… but… remember that  natural man  I talked about… that guy was unable to do that.

Instead of  chivalry... I became a user and abuser of women… my first wife finally had enough and divorced me… women finally wanted  “out”  from that old model… things changed… equality was demanded… there was a movement since that has changed everything today from what used to be called  chivalry.… the women got tired of all the condescending things of male domination, abuse and chauvinism…..

The thing that changed it for me… was that  personal revival  I wrote about yesterday… that  new life  in me that grew and grew in me until I saw what the Lord was after…  true  chivalry  today can actually come from this:    “husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her…  He gave His life for me… for His wife… the church….  I needed to  be willing to do that for my wife… be willing to die for her…

Yesterday I mentioned that  true things … truth  needs to be experienced by me in order to make it mine… so… here is a story… a story where that truth became mine…

Photo on 11-2-17 at 10.55 PM.jpgon the ‘morrow…


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