just staying thankful….

More things  to be  thankful  for every day… I’m just trying to stay in that  thankful mode...  the new  “sock boots”  for  compression  of my legs… have turned out to be pretty amazing… right up there at the top of the  “thankfuls”  right now… started after only one day…  (wear them during the day – take them off at night) … my legs were already looking like  normal legs…  I lost 3 lbs of water that first day and now I am down 6 lbs from a week ago…  all leg water…

Wanted to put up all of Jennifer’s photo’s from Thanksgiving but Facebook won’t let me do that… but…. if I did this link correctly though, you can see all the photo’s there  on my Timeline … showing our busy-busy day … great experience…


Then…. I couldn’t believe it…. they asked me to make the gravy from the turkey and allowed me to work near an  open flame…. then… topped that one… and asked me to carve the turkey… handing Philip a sharp knife.… wow….


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