so much happening…

Had our  “first Wenham visitors”  a couple weekends ago when our old friends, the Loraditch’s, came down from NH to wish us well.  Today it was the Mannings that came down to spend the afternoon with us… seems like it is constant… especially following all the bodies around for Thanksgiving…. which was followed up by yet another couple and their kids… old friends of Jen and Dano…. they took the beautiful walk thru the woods to the Lake…IMG_2704.JPG

we had also gone to church with the family this morning,… which had my head spinning once again about all I had been taught after my collision with God almost 50 years ago… and then… 32 years later… learning that what I was taught and then taught others…. was from a worldly system, that appealed to my  natural man….  and had nothing to do with my having a relationship with my Father…then … taking another 10 years   unlearning  everything I was taught in order to be able to start all over again.

It took yet another 10 years after the 10 years of ‘unlearning’ … of simply walking and talking with my Father…  in order to discover the little that He has shown me thus far…

I’m thinking now about how to share what I have experienced,  in little bits and pieces over these next months. I do appreciate all the encouragement I have received from family and friends.  We will see how this goes…  🙂

It has all been so real… so wonderful… with  nothing to  join…. and…. no donate buttons….  🙂

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