for you John Ricklefs…

you asked for it John….   🙂              John P Ricklefs   No photo of your new socks? Lol

Here you are big fella!   These are officially known as Circ-Aids...  and they work!!!

IMG_2705 2.JPG

They have done wonders since last Tuesday…  I have lost 7 lbs of  leg water  since last Tuesday… weighed in this Morning at 192…. my lowest weight since I was in grade school…  My legs look pretty much normal if one can work their way around my Vitiligo….  just an ugly skin pigment thing…  not a disease..  🙂

I went to the doctor today and he has changed me from  “Plan A”   to Plan “B”
It is now  more exercise and walking  with  less sleeping and legs up... He liked what my heart was  “doing”... and tomorrow I go for my  echo-cardiogram  to confirm what he is thinking… also should have some blood test results tomorrow… so…. more on the health front tomorrow.

I wanted to tie in all this good news with what I was saying yesterday… back in those days of my religious systems,  good  medical news and bad  medical news, as well as whether I won or lost… was successful or failed… that all depended on whether or not I was obeying the Lord… had sinned in some way…. reward or punishment from God for my actions…  a major playing card of every religious system is  guilt  …  introspection… get your act together Phil Wolff… you foul sinner… beat your breast… call on His mercy and change your evil ways….

What horrible bondage… manipulation… control… as I try to be God and decide what is right and wrong and what is good and evil  in your life  to make you dependent on me and my system…. the horror… the horror…

Thank you Father, that you broke the chains of the horror of that  domination  in my life… and set Philip  Free.... where I can now eat freely and only from the  Tree of Life….


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